Theuws Metaal BV
Zoeferbeemd 7
5575 CE Luyksgestel
tel. 0497-541120
fax 0497-541182

Theuws Assemblage BV
Lommelsedijk 9
5575 XD Luyksgestel
tel. 0497-552010
fax 0497-540717

Theuws Polyester BV
Schelphorst 22
1771 SL Wieringerwerf
tel. 02 27 – 60 43 28
fax 02 27 – 60 44 04

Company history

Jan and Marleen Theuws started the company J. Theuws Plaatwerk en Constructie (sheet and construction work) in 1977. With a floor space of 95 m² behind their home they focused on construction work, like stairs, balcony railings and steel trusses.
A year on, the first employees arrived and the company moved to larger premises in Luyksgestel.

A few years later, a new property was built and in subsequent years the company grew in floor space, manufacturing capabilities, employees and customer base. A considerable number of major companies in the region became regular customers. As a consequence of Jan’s serious health problems, the company was sold in 1996 and transformed to become Senthel BV. After running under the new owner for a number of years, this company unfortunately when bankrupt.

Following a request from a former large customer who was experiencing supply problems Theuws Metaal was established in 1999. This allowed part of the bankrupt company to restart. In the property on the Reijerscheweg in Luyksgestel the activities were recommenced by the Theuws family.

Since this time the company has grown substantially. There are now three individual business units: Metaal, Assemblage and Polyester. Each unit has its own location, run by specialised employees and equipped with modern plant. Ready for whatever the future holds.