For almost 30 years we strive for long-term collaborations with quality always as our top priority.

Theuws Group

The family firm Theuws Group comprises Theuws Metal, Theuws Assembly and Theuws Polyester. These three business units complement each other and are managed with the same vision: rapid response, competitive delivery and high quality. As your partner, we strive for long-term cooperation, taking every worry off your hands.
Although each business unit has a location of its own, you can find information about them all on this website. If you have any questions, we would be only too happy to answer them.

Theuws Metal

Theuws Metal offers an extensive range of possibilities in metal manufacturing. We are the right people for your small or large production runs or specialist custom work. We regularly run entire projects for our customers: from the initial idea (customer’s) to engineering, design, manufacture, installation and service.

Theuws Assembly

Theuws Assembly assembles products for the entire supply chain in the automotive sector. We take care of the entire project: from global sourcing to the just-in-time delivery of products. We organise the order intake and the planning using our advanced EDI system.

Theuws Polyester

Theuws Polyester is a components supplier of a wide range of polyester products. We primarily work for the automotive sector, nautical industry, engineering and building industry. In addition, we manufacture vehicle components for public transport vehicles.

Overview of our work

  • Frames and sheet work for machine building.
  • Interior fitting: stainless steel cladding and stairs.
  • Cleanrooms: furniture, collision protection and frames.
  • Prototype construction: vehicle components, special tools and means of transport.
  • Series manufacturing: vehicle components, sheet work and welding.
  • Sourcing (global sourcing of necessary components).
  • Entry check of both the technical specification and quality of coated and uncoated components.
  • Warehousing (stock control and buffers for long lead-times).
  • Painting of (body) parts.
  • Development of specific assembly moulds and production lines.
  • Assembly of semi-finished products, ready for final assembly.
  • Final check of the manufactured /processed assemblies.
  • Logistics (just-in-time delivery of goods, partly from own production).
  • Automotive industry: aerodynamic body parts, interior panels and roof alterations.
  • Nautical industry: boats, boat spare parts and repairs.
  • Construction industry: dormer windows, guttering, wind stops, thermal bridge elements, chimney covers, prefab storage spaces, prefab roofs and cellar light wells.
  • Industry: customer specific semi-manufactured products, fan housing and ducts.
  • Public transport: tram and bus spare parts (body and interior).


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