Theuws Polyester BV
Schelphorst 22
1771 SL Wieringerwerf
tel. 02 27 – 60 43 28
fax 02 27 – 60 44 04

Theuws Polyester is a components supplier of a wide range of polyester products. We primarily work for the automotive sector, nautical industry, engineering and building industry. In addition, we manufacture vehicle components for public transport vehicles.


Here are just a few of the areas in which we can be of assistance. We kindly invite you to contact us to discuss your manufacturing needs.

  • Automotive industry: aerodynamic body parts, interior panels and roof alterations.
  • Nautical industry: boats, boat spare parts and repairs.
  • Construction industry: dormer windows, guttering, wind stops, thermal bridge elements, chimney covers, prefab storage spaces, prefab roofs and cellar light wells.
  • Industry: customer specific semi-manufactured products, fan housing and ducts.
  • Public transport: tram and bus spare parts (body and interior).


Here is a selection of the projects we have completed. If you are interested in us manufacturing something similar for you, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to explore the possibilities with you.